• Managing intergenerational conflict by Janie Smith

    With the retirement age going up, workplaces will see more generations mixing. How do you minimise potential conflicts?

  • Social sourcing: Dive into new talent pools by Janie Smith

    Using social media with a marketing approach may be HR’s key to attracting new talent to the organisation.

  • Male bosses: The chosen ones? by Janie Smith

    It may sound like sexism, but a study shows that both male and female employees prefer to work for men.

  • Why HR needs to think like the CMO by Janie Smith

    Is a lack of marketing ability holding HR back? One expert says it’s time for HR to learn from the chief marketing officer.

  • How to use LinkedIn to advance your career by Janie Smith

    The business-oriented social networking site now has more than 300 million members worldwide and more than 950,000 of them are HR professionals. Here’s how to make the most of your network.

  • Tips for avoiding the “bitchy boss” label by Janie Smith

    Female workplace leaders sometimes find themselves tagged as 'bitchy bosses', especially if they’re high-achievers. Lawrence Polsky, managing partner at consulting firm PeopleNRG, shares his strategies for ditching the 'bitch' epithet.

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