• Lego rebuilds global HR function brick by brick by Miklos Bolza

    The world’s most popular toy brick company has decided to dismantle its entire global HR operation and rebuild from scratch with definite repercussions for Singapore

  • Middle managers under most stress by Nicola Middlemiss

    Both junior employees and high-level execs are considerably less likely to feel anxious or depressed, according to a recent study

  • Global bank to cut 35,000 staff by Miklos Bolza

    The co-CEO of one of the world’s largest international banks has announced plans to make up to 35,000 staff redundant from its global operations

  • How one tech firm is beating its competitors to the best graduates by Miklos Bolza

    One tech firm in Singapore isn’t waiting for its candidates to graduate before hiring them. Here’s what they are doing to stay ahead in the industry

  • Is HR the next expendable? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Research shows the majority of HR leaders fear their skills will be deemed redundant in the future – but they’re fighting back

  • Is this the start of the AI revolution? by John Maguire

    A new computer program has arrived, with scientists hailing it as the beginning of the ‘cognitive era’ – and businesses are already putting it to work

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