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    National Kidney Foundation is a part of Singapore's Top HR Teams 2016.

  • WILEY by

    Wiley is a part of Singapore's Top HR Teams 2016.

  • How to achieve gender balance in the workforce by Miklos Bolza

    With both men and women viewing the gender gap through separate lenses, how can we close this gap and bring everyone on board?

  • Unravelling the gender equality paradox by Miklos Bolza

    One survey suggests that despite gender parity being discussed globally, the vast majority of businesses are tackling the issue in entirely the wrong way


    Anuradha Purbey of Aviva is part of the HRD Singapore Hot List 2016.

  • Man jailed for cheque fraud: What can HR do? by Hannah Norton

    A former employee of a Singapore company who forged lease agreements, smuggled almost $1m of fraudulently obtained money and returned to try to cheat another company of nearly $3.6m has been sentenced to jail. What can HR and other senior business leaders do to combat escalating incidences of fraud?

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