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  • Four reasons why robots won’t take the human out of HR by Miklos Bolza

    Despite headlines predicting the demise of the human worker, one industry expert says that the rise of the machine is not to be feared

  • Is demand increasing for HR professionals? by Miklos Bolza

    Looking at the latest reports, different trends emerge about the demand for HR professionals. What do these results mean for you?

  • Are your staff truly loyal? by Miklos Bolza

    Results of a new survey show exactly how many Singaporean workers remain loyal to their company. HRD talks to two HR directors about the strategies they use to nurture staff allegiance

  • Is HR the next expendable? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Research shows the majority of HR leaders fear their skills will be deemed redundant in the future – but they’re fighting back

  • Will an uncertain future spell doom for HR? by Miklos Bolza

    Singapore’s ever-changing economy can sometimes be a hostile environment for HRDs – we asked the experts if the industry can survive

  • New Singapore salary projections released by Miklos Bolza

    A new report has made several salary predictions for Singapore in 2016. HRD looks at what HR can do in response to these trends

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