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  • Are your staff truly loyal? by Miklos Bolza

    Results of a new survey show exactly how many Singaporean workers remain loyal to their company. HRD talks to two HR directors about the strategies they use to nurture staff allegiance

  • Is HR the next expendable? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Research shows the majority of HR leaders fear their skills will be deemed redundant in the future – but they’re fighting back

  • Will an uncertain future spell doom for HR? by Miklos Bolza

    Singapore’s ever-changing economy can sometimes be a hostile environment for HRDs – we asked the experts if the industry can survive

  • New Singapore salary projections released by Miklos Bolza

    A new report has made several salary predictions for Singapore in 2016. HRD looks at what HR can do in response to these trends

  • What does Singapore’s power ranking mean for HR? by Miklos Bolza

    A new report has recently ranked the world’s cities according to their candidate pulling-power. What does this mean for your HR strategy?

  • Senior HR wages set to rise by Miklos Bolza

    A new labour market report has found the situation in Singapore may result in higher salaries for those in high level HR positions

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