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  • HR targets junior college grads by Hannah Norton

    HR teams in one Singapore sector are so hungry for young local talent; they’ve widened the net beyond university graduates.

  • Rail breakdown mystery continues by Hannah Norton

    Singapore HR leaders should brace for more staff commuting delays, with the root cause of this week’s unprecedented rail breakdown yet to be found.

  • What the deadly MERS virus means for HR by Hannah Norton

    Singapore HR directors should be prepared to take steps to help prevent the spread of the deadly MERS virus.

  • Former trade union leader fronts up to corruption charges by Hannah Norton

    After 35 years on the run, a former Singapore union leader has handed himself in. HRD Singapore looks at what led to his downfall.

  • MERS death toll rises – key issues for HR by Hannah Norton

    Two more people have died in South Korea from MERS, while Singapore companies with Thailand outfits on high alert following the first confirmed case of infection there.

  • Singapore companies brace for MERS by Hannah Norton

    Following the PM’s comments that it’s "just a matter of time" until MERS reaches Singapore, some local businesses are already bracing for its effects, with stocks already tipped to fall in the aviation and hospitality sectors.

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