Far out Friday: 70s moves showcase company’s culture

by Nicola Middlemiss08 Apr 2016
An unusual industry competition has given one museum the perfect opportunity to promote its “light-hearted” company culture and shed the “stuffy” image some people might expect of the organisation.

Based in the UK, Tunbridge Museum & Art Gallery has entered a worldwide competition which gives any GLAM organisation –that’s galleries, libraries, archives and museums – the chance to showcase employee’s incredible dance skills.

Widely acclaimed in certain circles, the Museum Dance Off is now in its third year and holds a certain acclaim among industry professionals – but winning isn’t what’s most important to the organisation.

“[The video is] funny and fun and light-hearted – just like the staff,” audience development officer Jeremy Kimmel told a local newspaper. “We are proud of the museum and we want to show it to the world.”

In the video, employees can be seen alongside historic exhibits, dancing to the 70’s hit ‘You Should Be Dancing,’ by the Bee Gees – Kimmel admitted his own moves had been inspired by that of the prolific Gibb brothers as well as the “really fun environment” in which he works.

“We all danced our hearts out,” he added.

The video can be seen below: