Far out Friday: American football players reveal absurd interview questions

by Nicola Middlemiss04 Mar 2016
“If you were ice cream, which flavour would you be?”

We’ve all come across, and even experimented with, unusual or out of the ordinary interview questions but (hopefully) very few HR professionals will ever have crossed the line into inappropriate – sadly, it seems that approach isn’t the case when it comes to recruiting new NFL players.

Former NFL defensive lineman Austen Lane recently revealed a number of bizarre interview questions that he was asked during the recruitment process.

The list includes:
  • If you could kill someone and not get caught, would you?
  • Do you think your mother is attractive?
  • I see you have dreads, you smoke weed don’t you?
  • If you had to murder someone, would you use a gun or a knife?
  • Boxers or briefs?
Other players, who remained anonymous, also revealed questions they’d been asked, including:
  • How many different things can you think of that you can do with a paper clip?
  • Your mum was a prostitute?
  • When did you lose your virginity?
Steering slightly more towards traditional HR questions, Patriots safety Devin McCourty said he’d been asked which superpower he’d like most.