Far out Friday: CEO spends S$43M on staff holiday

by Nicola Middlemiss01 Apr 2016
A CEO may have taken the title as most generous employer after splashing out US$32 million (S$43 million) on a lavish TV-inspired employee holiday to South Korea.

Guo Chenglin, who heads up Chinese beauty company Aurance Group, took staff on an all-expenses trip to Incheon, located in the north west of the East Asian country.

Flown out on 150 flights over the course of three days, the 4,600 workers comprised the single largest tour group ever to arrive in South Korea and stayed in 1,500 rooms across 26 different hotels.

The themed vacation – which is just the latest annual employee holiday – is inspired by a popular South Korean TV drama called ‘My Love from the Star’.

So far, workers have visited filming locations and indulged in a fried chicken and beer party – organised after a popular character on the show famously praised the combination.

The company plans to squeeze in time promotional activities for their beauty products and health supplements too although the planned gala event doesn’t exactly sound like tedious work.

One employee told UK news outlet The Daily Mail that employees are expected to return to work by the beginning of next week.