Far out Friday: Chinese companies introduce 'faceless day’

by Chloe Taylor21 Aug 2015
Chinese companies are taking unusual measures to reduce the amount of stress their employees are under at work.
Companies like Woffice – a property services company based in Handan – encouraged their workers to wear masks to work on Tuesday, which was dubbed “faceless day”.
According to Yahoo News, the exercise was the latest in a monthly series of “relaxation days” run by the company, where workers are constantly exposed to scrutiny from customers.

Employees who chose to participate did so in an effort to take a break from smiling, and to remain anonymous to customers.
Bloomberg recently reported that around 600,000 Chinese workers die each year from being overworked, causing many companies to take action to improve employee wellbeing.
Many workers reportedly opted to wear a mask worn by fictional character No Face in the 2001 Japanese movie, Spirited Away.

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