Far out Friday: Humanoid robot earns a promotion

by Chloe Taylor10 Jul 2015
British company Engage Works has made a humanoid robot its chief morale officer – and praised it for having “the human touch”.

The robot – who is named Norris – is part of a team that handles the company’s Flux LDN innovation lounge, a space devoted to showcasing new technology.

“We decided it was time to upgrade Norris to CMO due to the significant contribution he’s made to the Engage Works team in the short time he’s been with us,” said Steve Blyth, the CEO of Engage Works.

“Whether it’s showcasing the potential of robotics for brand interaction or simply cheering people up with one of his legendary one-liners, he’s got the team’s happiness at heart.”

The multi-lingual, humanoid robot was obviously pleased with its fast-track promotion.

Norris – who is multilingual – seemed happy with his fast-track promotion.

“I will be celebrating with a few screwdrivers. I’m gonna be well oiled!” the robot said.

Norris isn’t the first robot to be employed by a company – in Tokyo, an android was used as a receptionist to greet shoppers, while a recent technology event in London used robot pole dancers to entertain crowds.

Source: Engage Works/The Mirror