Far Out Friday: Reception job deathly hallows for Harry Potter star

by Hannah Norton17 Jul 2015
Most HR professionals have dealt with interns before – but have you ever hired one worth $110m?

New York City-based fashion magazine Nylon has: the 25-year-old star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe spent an hour in the magazine’s offices recently, working on reception.

"I'm cracking already," he said, before his time was up, the Daily Express reported.

"It's not been good."

The regular receptionist, Lauren, offered words of advice to Radcliffe: "Make sure you are constantly smiling.”

His 60-minute receptionist stint was filmed, with journalists bustling past him – and very few taking notice.

Some did, and as word spread, workers began requesting selfies.

Then another well-known face made an appearance – 25-year-old American singer Joe Jonas.

"Are you new?" Jonas enquired of Radcliffe.

 "Very new," Radcliffe said. "Very new and very s**t."

"Are you from the England office?" Jonas asked.

"Yes, I'll go with that,” Radcliffe replied.

When Radcliffe went to find person Jonas was scheduled to meet, Jonas gave his verdict: "This new guy sucks."

Near the end of his ‘shift’ Radcliffe told Lauren he didn’t know how she did it.

"People come in and you just need to know what they need, it's terrifying."