Lighter Side: Most outrageous exec perks

by Nicola Middlemiss13 Mar 2015
Employee perks are a great way to show your workers you care but forget fitness subsidies and extra vacation – these companies have taken tailored benefits to the next level.

Commuting in the clouds 

Covering travel expenses is a huge incentive for some employees – especially so for senior executive Barry Diller, of Expedia. 

The business magnate racket up a US$1.28 million bill in personal flight time – all covered by the company.

Executive dude ranch 

As a way for the C-suite to blow off steam, insurance company Fidelity National Financial spent US$453,382 entertaining executives at the ‘Rock Creek Cattle Co’ – a 28,000-acre, working Montana ranch.

But this was no dry ranch… Fidelity also coughed up US$55,000 at nearby wineries.

Top-notch tax preparation 

Accounting support, particularly for busy executives, seems a fair enough perk to put in place – but the benefit ballooned to outrageous proportions at SandRidge Energy. 
CEO Sam Ward reported receiving US$783,533 worth of accounting support from employees in just one year.

Housing allowance

Almost unheard of for most employees but Bermude insurers Platinum Underwriters Holdings spent US$432,000 on housing for its CEO and a further US$800,000 for three other high ranking team members.