• The client comes first by Contributor

    From talent acquisition to leadership development, Mercuri Urval is utilising its global footprint and deep expertise to help clients improve results through people

  • A milestone worth celebrating by Contributor

    As Mercuri Urval celebrates its half century, HRD chats with the chairman of the group board about its rich history and even brighter future

  • Back to the negotiation table by Contributor

    Whether it’s for budget allocations, during IR consultations or simply the to-and-fro debates among internal departments, every HR professional must know how to negotiate. Is it time to upskill?

  • Leading the field by HRD

    Lumesse continues to impress the industry with its comprehensive talent management, talent acquisition and learning management solutions

  • Study predicts optimal office temperature, energy consumption by Adelle Chua

    Method increases worker productivity, brings down power costs

  • Organisational culture and change management by Contributor

    Singaporean organisations may require a cultural shift away from conformity towards an emphasis on people using their initiative and being involved in problem-solving - here's how to make that shift

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