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How does your company handle cases of commute delay which happen quite frequently recently?

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Vanese Lau | 02 Dec 2016, 11:09 AM Agree 0
Recently the circle line of MRT train has lots of delay due to train faulty how would you handle such situation?

I guess for my take I would recog they are not late for purpose, but it would be unfair for the rest of the employee who came on time, I might request them to work additional hour to fill up the gap but this sound a bit cruel.

I would like to hear your take for this, greatly appreciated.
  • | 12 Nov 2018, 04:49 PM Agree 0
    It's an interesting topic even until today we still see the occurrence of MRT train breakdown.

    In my opinion, I feel it is acceptable if it is a new case after an occurrence. That is down to just ONE time on each new occurrence because the authorities in Singapore are usually fast enough to response whenever an occurrence happened. News are everywhere and backup transportation alternatives are usually deployed to reduce the delay for workers getting to work. Thus, which lead to my second point that individuals giving the same excuse on the second day should not be acceptable anymore. They should have more self-awareness about the situation. Thus, a friendly verbal warning is given before any disciplinary action taken for the next lateness.

    I may sound harsh but think again, what is accountability if as a good employee you couldn't make the simplest initiative by preparing yourself a little earlier to avoid unforeseen circumstances that already been made aware? And not forgetting that the real disciplinary actions only take place on the third lateness in one occurrence.

    What do others think?
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