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Is it legal for future employers to request for payslips from prospective employees?

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Julian Jeffrey Matius | 27 May 2016, 10:40 AM Agree 0
This has been an issue that has been bugging me for quite a while and while my situation consists of 2 separate issues (both of which I think is important to address, I'm focusing on the payslip issue for now...but feel free to answer both)

I was a regular for 13 years and left the civil service (as a non-commissioned officer) in 2012 and opted to venture to the open market instead of sticking to the defence industry. During the job hunt, I was constantly asked for salary statements, however, to my understanding, it is not legally binding to produce one. To my surprise, I was turned down from quite a number of jobs due to my insistence on such information being private and confidential. One HR manager had the audacity to imply that i was in fact breaking the law in not producing the salary statement.

I eventually ended up in a company that dealt with the civil service for recreational purposes and ended up handing in my salary statement (for the fear of being rejected for the 200th time). I was then told that they would have to peg me at a lower position of senior executive, instead of a manager position (which i applied for) and was given a lower salary (The reason being, my military career was not recognised).

So my 2 issues here are;

1. Is it legal that future employers request payslips from prospective employees?
2. Is it a breach of PDPA in this case?
3. (Optional) Why do companies not recognise skills and expertise of ex-soldiers, esp when the skills are directly transferable?
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