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Worker dies from falling concrete

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HRD SG | 22 Sep 2015, 10:00 AM Agree 0
Another construction worker has died due to unsafe conditions after being hired by a firm that is no stranger to unexpected workplace accidents
  • engineersg | 25 Sep 2015, 04:08 PM Agree 0
    I am one of the engineer for this Unfortunate Unlucky Local Company ,from my opinions in the aspect of their safety management is ''good' or at least they are safety first nowadays , if this company is errant in safety then i will think they deserved to get into deepshit for causing the life of the worker .First from my understanding in their safety meeting, safety risk assessment is done , method of statements are approved . All the possible risk prevention has extensively done .PM has followed very closely to the methods ,and in fact he did his best to go down and inspect the structure ,because of the big concern that this drain might collapsed (even QP ASSURED) , furthermore worker are instructed that if any cracks were found , excavation work must be halted immediately .Well, It is a must for all construction site to implement the right OHS practice and from my understanding the company has did it .In fact the Contractor has even proposed a slightly expensive alternative which was unfortunately not recommended by QP due to cost and the possible reason of other party do not wish to be involved and do not wish the excavation work to affected their existing structure .My company has no choice .-Complexity of this accident .-This incident involve deeper problem in the technical stage , no one including the QP was able to forsee this layer of concrete from existing drain will fall off . Its difficult to explain in words , because no one on earth would expect a lean concrete with the extreme thickness of 150mm to fall off (in lump) , normally if a concrete layer fall of in an existing stucture it should be small pieces falling off (if integrity of the building is not breached")which normally is the lean concete (should be 50mm) .On the start of project ,our PM is very concerns to the extend that it had repeatedly prosposed to the QP to use machinery instead of manual labor due to the nature of this risky work .The QP in return repeatedly assured the contractor Yong Xing Construction the integrity of the structure is there . The reason why I am so free to post this comment on stomp at this big afternoon , because my boss has self-imposed safety stop work to all their existing sites to review the safety . All of us (including me) need to solve and rectified all safety breach , which i think here is already done 97% , and its impossible for 100% , it means if you want u literally need to work at a crawling speed lol. This few days is a big operational loss for this company . MOM (hidden rule) sure going to place this company under business under surveillance in soon time regardless of the faults ,which is an SOP for MOM as I know , This means ''GG'' to this company . Now construction industry is already going down to the lowest of this era , technically in the state of recession . This unlucky company suppose to upgrade to A2 this year . MOM is holding to the fate of this company now.Sunview Site has already happened many 'unnatural inccidents'' , Guys if ur going there , please pray and not to offend anything .YongXing . a good local company soon gonna be devastated for the mistake that is not created by her.aftermath : Our boss is doing a fundraising to support the deceased family . Hope MOM can differentiate a good company . It will be big waste for our industry and nation .

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