Are you ready for the C-suite?

by HRD20 Sep 2016
Senior HR professionals eying a spot in the C-suite should be ready for a tough road ahead, says one recruitment expert.

“It is definitely a more rigorous process as this is a critical position in an organisation which would have a direct influence on the business,” said Eugene Wong, manager, Southeast Asia for Frazer Jones.

With C-suite candidates assessed on a variety of criteria, potential candidates can expect the process to stray away from a simple ‘tick-box exercise,’ he said.

“Recruiters will be digging deep into the individual’s capabilities, ie their capability in turning around a failing business or implementing an organisational change strategy,” he explained.

As C-suite roles are generally major decision-makers, pressure will be on candidates to be the right fit, Wong said.

“The level of conversation that you are expected to have with someone on this level is more strategic and candidates would expect the recruiter to understand the client and their needs in much more detail, as that would determine their interest and commitment towards the role,” he said.

It can take anywhere from three to six months before a final decision is made, he added. This is because candidates are expected to go through several rounds of interviews including with senior stakeholders.

To be more suited for this type of executive role, there are a few key competencies that C-suite candidates need to improve on, Wong said.

“The key considerations when hiring for C-suite level are leadership capabilities, tenacity & commitment, prior experience on a strategic level, and ability to contribute to the challenges of the organisation.”

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