Embracing the digital transformation in Asia

by Lauren Acurantes26 Oct 2016
Finding the best fit cloud HCM for your organisation shouldn’t be rocket science.

One SAP SuccessFactors executive said in a blog entry recently that it’s simply a matter of knowing what your business needs are and seeing how products and services available in the market can help drive those business needs.

With more and more organisations looking to streamline their practices, SAP SuccessFactors reported that buying patterns for HCM technology have shifted to embrace a single vendor-sourced global system of engagement with integrated talent management.

To help organisations evaluate cloud HCM suites, independent research firm Gartner conducted a survey recently, pitting cloud HCM suite vendors against nine critical capabilities to determine their suitability in addressing business needs:

•    Core HR/benefits admin
•    Payroll admin
•    Workforce management
•    Prehire talent management
•    Posthire talent management
•    Reporting tools/WFA/WFP
•    Technology/UX
•    Overall product satisfaction
•    Overall vendor-customer relationship (VCR) satisfaction

Their report, Critical Capabilities for Cloud HCM Suites for Midmarket and Large Enterprises, found that SAP SuccessFactors scored the highest among organisations surveyed.

They received a 4.02 rating out of 5 for ‘Core HR and Talent HCM Suite for Large Global Organisations’ and a 3.85 out of 5 for ‘European HQ’d Midmarket HCM Suite’.

Managing the complexities that come with a multinational workforce of more than 5,000 employees is especially challenging for larger global organisations, said the report.  

But more than just the technology to simplify processes, it was also quoted in the blog that the human factor is important in how companies choose their cloud HCM vendor. 

“Having a localised HR support team as well as a ‘large ecosystem of implementation, technology, and application partners’ will contribute greatly to how well you can integrate digital technology into your organisation,” they said.  

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