HR’s fine balance between art and science

by Miklos Bolza11 Feb 2016
“As demands in the workforce change, the role of HR needs to be reimagined,” Jairo Fernandez, senior vice president for HR in Asia-Pacific Japan at SAP, told HRD.
“Human resource management needs to be both an art and a science delicately maintaining a balance between being ‘high tech’ and ‘high touch’.”
While technology is essential in driving simplicity and developing talent within the workplace, it is important for HR to remain focused on relationships and the human element behind their role.
SAP has initiated several strategies which walk this balance, he said.
“For example, we have just rolled out an iPad-based app in India which allows employees to share their feedback on different areas,” he said. “We have plans to roll out the program throughout the region.”
Other platforms such as Success Maps help SAP employees chart their own careers, ultimately boosting motivation, innovation and business productivity, Fernandez said.
“Leveraging on HR tools such as Success Maps empowers employees to chart their career development goals in an interactive platform and facilitates a shared understanding of their career goals with their managers.”

SAP places tremendous importance on employee engagement combining high tech initiatives with more human aspects allowing personal development through electronic means.
With the rapid digitalisation of everything in business however, HR needs to be proactive to avoid the risk of major disruption, he warned.
“The ball is in HR’s court to determine the next move.”
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