Hundreds of firms on government watch list

by Nicola Middlemiss10 Oct 2017
Hundreds of employers are currently being monitored for unfair hiring practices and Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say says it’s already had a positive impact on the number of Singaporean professionals securing jobs.

According to Lim, there are about 300 companies currently on the Fair Consideration Framework watch list – an effort which he says has helped increase the number of local professionals being hired over the past three years.

Lim said that 105,000 local PMETs had been hired between 2014 and 2016 – six times the number of employment passes issued during the same period.

“While the vast majority of employers are fair, there is evidence that a small minority are not,” said Lim.

“For these employers, we subject their EP applications to further scrutiny under the Fair Consideration Framework watch list.”

Lim said the Manpower Ministry considers whether employers have treated local workers fairly when it processes applications for employment passes.

He also revealed that around 1,700 EP applications were either withdrawn by the firms or rejected or withheld by MOM since 2014.

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