NAB rolls out new parental leave policy in Asia

by Lucy Hook17 Aug 2016

National Australia Bank (NAB) has launched a parental leave policy across Asia - including Singapore – becoming the latest bank to step up its offering for employees with children.

The policy provides parental leave to employees regardless of gender and marital status – any permanent employee with 12 months continuous service is eligible for the scheme – and ranges from leave for primary and secondary care-givers to pre-natal and adoptive leave.

Kate Colley, Head of People, Asia and International Branches, NAB, said in a statement that the move was part of the bank's efforts to support both married and single parents of children - biological or adopted - through greater work flexibility.

Explaining the policy's emphasis on providing leave to both genders, she added: “As our understanding increases of the broader positive cognitive and emotional outcomes for children when fathers are given the opportunity to participate more fully in family life and childcare, we are proud to encourage our male employees in Asia to benefit from the parental leave policy."

An employee at NAB in Singapore, who is currently on maternity leave, said that in line with the parental leave policy, she would be returning to the same role and position with enhanced flexibility options at the end of her leave period.

Geetali Kapoor, Marketing Manager, Private and Migrant Banking at NAB, said: "Thanks to NAB’s workplace flexibility policy... I can choose to come back on a part-time basis to spend more time with my baby.

"Specifically, I have opted for a 3-day work week for some time and [will] return to my role full-time once I am ready – this flexibility gives me significant peace of mind as I adjust to my new role as a mother."

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