NTUC proposes ‘returnship programme’ for women re-entering the workforce

by HRD25 Jan 2017
The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) recommended a ‘returnship programme’ for women wanting to re-enter the workforce in their recently released Budget 2017 proposals.

They likened the programme to an internship to give employers and ‘back-to-work women’ a chance to work out an arrangement before they are formally trained and employed. Additionally, they urged the government to provide Special Employment Credit to companies that will employ women returning to work.

They also proposed several programmes for other types of workers in their 46-page proposal submitted to the Finance Ministry, reported The Straits Times.

The labour group said higher subsidies should be provided for older workers under the Special Employment Credit “to help workers stay cost competitive” and to enhance the WorkPro Scheme to redesign jobs to make them more age-friendly.

Furthermore, NTUC recommended an enhanced apprenticeship programme for young workers just starting out in their careers as well as “proper accreditation for participating employers”.

They also called for a “deeper collaboration between unions, employers and the Government, such as through educating human resource practitioners, businesses and foreign investors on tripartism.”

“Though we may face short-term and more immediate challenges, all parties... will need to endeavour to prepare for what lies ahead,” added NTUC in their statement.

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