Revealed: Singapore’s best companies to work for

by Miklos Bolza12 Nov 2015
The Great Place to Work Institute has revealed the ten best companies to work for in Singapore for 2015. This list has been compiled of firms which encourage greater trust, pride and enjoyment amongst their employees.
Most of these are in the information technology industry with the full list found below:
Rank Company Industry
1 Salesforce Information Technology
2 Cisco Information Technology
3 InterContinental Hotels Group Hospitality
4 ROHEI Corporation Education & Training
5 SAP Information Technology
6 Autodesk Asia Information Technology
7 AbbVie Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
8 NetApp Singapore Information Technology
9 EMC Singapore Information Technology
10 Diageo Manufacturing & Production
The Institute selected each of these firms as they exhibited the following qualities:
  1. The intentional creation of a strong corporate culture
  2. Warm, respectful HR practices
  3. A fun, friendly workplace environment
  4. A transparent, open culture
  5. Work connected to a larger purpose, instilling pride in personal and professional accomplishments
“We have observed that [the] best companies have strong cultural intent, and have designed people practices to create desired culture,” Joni Ong, managing director at Great Place to Work Singapore said. “These practices are implemented with authentic human touches by leaders and managers, which translates into positive day-to-day workplace experiences for the employees.”
HRD’s own Employer of Choice award winners have followed these same guidelines plus a number of others – including career progression, training & development, and the use of technology – to create some truly first class workplace environments.
“The trust in our staff makes them take personal pride in their work and own a piece of the company’s success,” Lynn Pua, Southeast Asia head of HR & administration at Jardine OneSolution told HRD. “It is not easy to seek our managers’ buy-in for engaged employees and to earn trust and empowerment, but our top management’s support has played a part in pushing this credence further.
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