Satellite comms firm probes for S’pore STEM talent

by Miklos Bolza05 Feb 2016
Inmarsat, a global firm specialising in mobile satellite communications services, has recently opened its new Singapore office – the company’s largest in the Asia-Pacific region.
Although Singapore has been Inmarsat’s headquarters since 2008, rapidly rising staff numbers meant the need for a bigger, better location.
“Inmarsat’s new office has around 80 people. The headcount has increased by 25% since January 2015,” an Inmarsat spokesperson told HRD.
The company’s primary goal now is seeking experienced candidates for the firm’s main business units (maritime, enterprise, aviation and global government).
“Singapore has a deep pool of great talent with sound science and technology education; local talent sourcing is key to our growth strategy,” the spokesperson said.
“At the same time, our doors are also open to talent from across Asia and elsewhere in the world who can bring in different expertise and knowledge.”
The challenge has been tapping into a recruitment market where four out of the top 10 professions with the biggest number of PMET vacancies are in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
To overcome this and attract new recruits, the firm will use the new office as a primary knowledge hub offering training and workshops to all employees as well as partners and other key stakeholders.
“Inmarsat has a very comprehensive induction program along with specific product, market and technology training which is tailored toward individual roles,” the spokesperson said.
The firm hopes this knowledge centre will help attract new talent in the STEM fields plus act as a magnet for experienced candidates in sales and business development.
“Expanding our office in Singapore to serve as a knowledge centre in the region is an excellent opportunity to attract new talent as we will have the facilities to provide appropriate training for career development.”
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