Second former executive jailed for inappropriate behaviour

by Hannah Norton25 Mar 2015
A second senior executive has been jailed for demonstrating inappropriate behaviour in the space of a week.

Former bank executive Maha Vignesh Velippan, 32, was jailed for eight weeks on Tuesday for insulting a person’s modesty more than 90 times while employed by a bank in 2011.

He is believed to have worked at Citibank for at least part of his banking career, after graduating from Singapore Institute of Management.

It was a 27-year-old business relationship manager who caught Maha Vignesh, after she felt something brush against her legs while on an escalator at Standard Chartered Bank Building in Battery Road, at about 1.30pm on June 7, 2011.

She turned around and saw him standing very close to her on the next step. He was holding a paper bag and his phone's camera lens was pointing at her.

Maha Vignesh is registered with the Financial Planning Association of Singapore as a certified financial planning practitioner.

He is the second person in an executive-type role to be jailed for taking intimate recordings in the space of a week.

Chong Hou En was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail in the High Court last Tuesday in relation to a number of offences, including filming family members of his girlfriend in the shower, making an up-skirt video, and possessing 10,574 obscene films.

The 29-year-old graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Singapore Institute of Management) with a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2008 and worked as a labour relations officer, but it is not known where.

For his offences, Chong was initially given 30 months’ probation by a district judge in 2013; however, that was quashed this week by Justice Chan Seng Onn, who described it as "manifestly inadequate".

Chong was first caught by the husband of one of the victims in 2011 using a mini-camera fixed on the tip of his shoe with Blu Tak to film an up-skirt video.


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