Standard Chartered puts $2m into 'holistic' training programme

by Lucy Hook18 Aug 2016

Standard Chartered Bank has set aside SG$2m for a new skills programme, in line with the government's SkillsFuture, that provides employees with training leave and offers them courses on a range of subjects.

SkillsFuture@sc, which the bank describes as the first 'holistic approach' to skills-upgrading in the financial services industry, includes over 50 courses across varying skill-sets.

The bank will also provide staff with up to three paid days of training leave per annum.

"In addition to our employees being able to take up a SkillsFuture course using the government credit [of SG$500 awarded to Singaporeans aged 25 and above], they can also choose any one of the 50 Bank-sponsored courses," a spokesperson for Standard Chartered Bank told HRD.

The 'broad-base programme' is aimed at removing obstacles for employees to attend courses - such as a lack of time or budget, or not knowing which courses are suitable - Judy Hsu, CEO, said. 

The programme approaches this by "providing staff a list of relevant courses covering interdisciplinary skills, new banking growth areas, personal mastery skills and new technology trends that staff can choose from," Hsu said.

The bank's spokeperson told HRD that the programme reflects the bank's "commitment to support the government’s Skillsfuture priorities", adding that the scheme would "enable staff to learn and grow, and develop skills that are relevant to today’s job landscape".

"We believe that a highly motivated and future ready workforce will be beneficial to the Bank’s business in Singapore, and the new Skillsfuture@sc programme will equip our employees with the tools for the jobs of the future," the spokesperson said.

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