Video interviews: the new era of recruitment

by Iain Hopkins22 Jun 2015

Is the technology up to it?
It sounds great, but how about the technology? Revelian provides the technology on both sides, for the employer and the candidate. For candidates, the requirements are simple: a standard web browser and a webcam. Nonetheless, technical support is close at hand, if required.
Employers require the reviewing or management platform, which can be integrated with existing ATS (applicant tracking systems).
This can be taken as an individual module, or combined with other candidate assessment technology offered by Revelian.
If Harrison has one word of warning on both sides, it’s to be aware of bandwidth. “For candidates – and this often happens with young candidates who are in share houses with a flatmate watching Netflix in another room – they must be wary of bandwidth limits. But as long as they are prepared for that, and treat it like a real interview, dress appropriately, research the company, and so on, it should be almost like a face-to-face interview.”
On the employer side, bandwidth is also a consideration. “Because of security issues or mixed use, some companies are really locked down around multimedia. You just need to ensure your corporate bandwidth can handle that kind of multiple video load,” says Harrison, who adds that for employers operating with an up-to-date IT infrastructure environment, video interviewing can work fl awlessly.
One tool of many
Harrison is quick to emphasise that although video technology has finally ‘come of age’, it will only ever be a facilitator. Nothing beats insightful question selection and clear evaluation processes.
“What criteria are you judging the interview on? Get it known upfront, otherwise you’ll get widely ranging results based on the inherent bias of whoever has reviewed it.”

The future is now
What does the future hold for the role of video in recruitment? Here are three possibilities:
1. Video job posts. You’ve seen it before, and possibly been guilty of it, too: poorly written
job postings. Imagine if this was a thing of the past. It’s possible that job boards will transform into a video platform where job seekers can view video job postings and reply directly with a video application.
2. Screening candidates through smartwatch interviews. On the go connectivity is here already and there’s no reason to think this can’t be extended to video interviews. Interviewing apps on smartwatches will potentially allow recruiters to watch videos – live or recorded – wherever they are.
3. Announcing job offers through video. There have already been cases of employers offering candidates jobs by sharing photos on social media platforms. The next frontier might be using videos to make job offers. This might be done via a quick clip using Instagram or publishing a longer ‘welcome video’ on YouTube. Who knows, it might even go viral, spreading a positive message about your employer brand.
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