• How Does Singapore's Foreign Talent Policy Impact Singapore Businesses Ability to Manage Volatility? by Contributor

    Businesses rely on manpower to fuel their expansion. In turn, business growth feeds productivity and GDP. Employees are a business’s biggest asset, so it’s crucial that businesses have access to a diverse pool of qualified talent.

  • How Marital Status (Could) Impact a Job Hunt by Contributor

    On a surface level, it may not seem like an individual’s marital status will impact their job search, but this is not the always the case. Although an employer is not allowed to ask a question about a potential employee's marital status (amongst other personal questions), whether or not they are married could play a big role in finding work simply based the flexibility that they may have over somebody that is married.

  • Streamlining recruitment processes by Contributor

    Mahendra Kumar Bodduluri, managing director at iqDynamics, looks at how talent acquisition is being transformed by technology

  • Talent mapping in 2018 by Contributor

    How can HR ensure employees have suitable career paths when hierarchies are a thing of the past? Siddharth Mehta, career business leader – Singapore and Indonesia at Mercer, provides his tips

  • Opinion: Putting HR back into the boardroom by HRD

    An industry leader shares how disruption is an opportune time for HR to reclaim a seat at the table

  • Managing sexual harassment at work by

    Goh Seow Hui, partner, Bird & Bird ATMD, outlines the fundamentals that HR must stick to when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace

  • HR in the age of AI by Contributor

    AI is transforming many areas of HR. Is talent management next? HRD chats to Alison Sibree, SVP, HR, APAC at Oracle

  • Why having D&I initiatives alone is not enough by Nurhuda Syed

    In honour of International Women’s Day, HRD speaks with a prominent female HR leader about workplace gender bias

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