Head of HR, APAC

For Jennifer Wu, joining LEWIS as head of HR was an exciting prospect as it meant taking on a “sales-oriented role” and being able to “market to external candidates [and] internal staff … the opportunities that were available to them”. This emphasis on career development or what she terms as “people transformation” is Wu’s top priority as she works to hone self-motivated employees who possess the entrepreneurial skills crucial to the growth of PR and communications firm LEWIS. In line with this, she has witnessed one of her very first hires rise through the ranks and become a senior manager, which she deems her most significant achievement in the past 12 months. In 2017, Wu will be focusing on training and development. Her team is working to install a global online training platform for all employees to receive training not only from their local office but also from other global offices, in order to maximise their resources and ready their staff for a new disruptive era.