Assistant vice president, HR

Metro Drug won an HRD gold award as an Employer of Choice in 2016, and Jun Obtinalla sees this as a validation of “the role of HR as a strategic partner in cultivating a culture wherein people actively contribute to the success of the company”, as well as its “service-centric culture” that has made Metro Drug a leading brand among clients and employees alike. Talent retention has been the biggest challenge for Obtinalla and his team in the past year, and to address this concern they have implemented a series of employee engagement programs that have sought to highlight the value of individual contributions and help staff gain a deep sense of significance within the organisation and renew their commitment to the company. In terms of L&D, the HR team runs the MDI Academy and partners with the Zuellig Pharma Regional Office in implementing an Accelerated Leadership Course for young and high-potential talent as well as frontline managers.