Regional talent lead, APAC

In 2012, Airbnb set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore and opened a spanking new office in May 2016. But more so than the fancy office, what Ken Hoskin considers the most significant achievement for Airbnb Asia-Pacific in the past 12 months is being the first region to launch an internal coaching program. The program includes mentoring training for C-suite executives, which aims to help them develop high-level coaching techniques so they can conduct meaningful and fruitful coaching sessions with younger employees. Hoskin and his team are looking forward to the full launch of a new learning platform, Degreed, in 2017, which will deliver personalised content based on each employee’s interests. Hoskin believes that, alongside L&D, trust and empowerment is key to employees’ adaptability and flexibility in a fast-changing environment. “We spend a lot of time discussing about ‘the why’ and encouraging the involvement of teams in decision-making,” he says. “This ensures they have a stake when teams are restructured to best support the Airbnb community.”