Country human resources director

Following IBM’s strategic shift from traditional IT solutions to cognitive solutions (their ‘Watson’ could be classified as a prime example of artificial intelligence or machine learning) and the take-up of cloud platforms, Pallavi Srivastava and her team at IBM Singapore have followed suit to ensure they remain aligned with the business’s needs. The team has achieved the following in the past 12 months: implemented several new L&D programs to support IBM’s transition to a cloud-based cognitive company; adopted a cloud-based HRMS solution for self-service transactions and its first Watson-based cognitive solution for compensation; and hiked up the employee engagement scores by at least seven points following last year’s results. Facing the challenge of ensuring continuity and seamless operations, Srivastava credits these achievements to the team’s three-pronged strategy of maintaining accuracy; maintaining frequent communication; and continuous collaboration across all HR functions. She expects to have the same focus – engagement, new technologies, and data analytics for talent management – with even better results in 2017.