General manager of human capital and CSR

Given the common humanitarian aspect and spirit of two different departments, Fuji Xerox Singapore has managed to combine both HR and CSR into one role for Pauline Chua. This dual focus is also what drew her to join the company five years ago, as Chua recognised that CSR and sustainability inevitably translated back to more benefits for staff and the company as a whole. In particular, the CSR focus has been effective in attracting Generation Y workers, who want more than the usual development and pay benefits and are more concerned about gaining experience and making a difference. Chua has also found that the CSR work has led to increased engagement and kept the attrition rate low, as employees find the related activities therapeutic and meaningful. On top of these benefits, the company also promotes flexible work arrangements and offers facilities on-site for new parents to care for their children. With these in place, Chua and her team have effectively communicated to the staff their dedication to making the company a most empathic and desirable employer.