Innovation is at the core of DBS Bank’s approach to HR, with the embrace of technology, data and HR ‘science’ fostering a culture of meritocracy, growth and engagement. 

This begins at the recruitment stage. HR is utilising customised selection processes for various roles and leverages selection tools such as predictive indexes to shortlist candidates for interviews and boost recruitment productivity. 

Gamification has entered the bank’s graduate program, with an application process named ‘Joyful Journey’ assessing how closely new candidate behaviour and capabilities fit the bank.

In the area of benefits and rewards, the bank has refocused programs towards ensuring a healthy employee lifestyle, with employees encouraged through technology to adopt sustainable behavioural change. This has included the launch of a health management portal – iHealth@DBS – which connects seamlessly to mobile devices and wearables to provide employees with deep insight into their own wellbeing.

Innovation permeates all of the bank’s HR efforts. For example, DBS provides resources on digital platforms with a range of tools to support career growth, and has launched an exclusive app for employees – DBS Power Up – to help with HR delivery. It even uses hackathons as a sandbox for high-potentials to experiment with being in a start-up, complete with lean start-up methodologies and human-centred design. Much of the approach is about future-proofing employees and cultivating a digital mindset. To this end, learning centre DBS Academy was launched in 2015, delivering courses such as scenario-based leadership development programs and digital masterclasses. 

Overall, HR at DBS aims to build a healthier, more diverse and future-ready workforce that can help spearhead the transformation of banking in a fast-changing environment. Thanks to its ability to push boundaries and explore new ways to improve effectiveness, it has managed to achieve retention rates that are better than the industry average.


The HR team at DBS expects employees to have pride in their work, but not just the normal kind. At DBS, PRIDE! stands for the core values employees live in their work.

Purpose-driven (Create impact beyond banking)
Relationship-led (Collaborate to win for DBS)
Innovative (Embrace change)
Decisive (Think. Act. Own.)
E! (Everything fun!)