Accounting firm PKF’s HR strategy falls into three baskets: ‘recruitment’, ‘retention’ and ‘growing people’. The fi rm has an overarching goal of training and building up strong mid to senior talent, while vastly reducing attrition at lower levels of the firm. The strategy has been a growing success. With many initiatives rolled out in 2012 and 2013, the fi rm has managed to cultivate a batch of audit seniors with positive attitudes and an ongoing strong commitment to the firm, to the point where there is now seldom a need to hire mid-level talent. Overall staff  turnover rates have also improved to 33%, and the firm expects to see continued positive trends in its ability to retain talent.

PKF has a strong commitment to training as part of its retention and talent cultivation strategy. It keeps employees growing through a training curriculum, with one of the firm’s partners responsible for delivering technical and soft-skill expertise. The firm makes other resources and activities available, including an in-house library, digital knowledge databases, information-sharing sessions, and email updates. Training is complemented by other processes. PKF uses annual, transparent roundtables combined with one-to-one sessions with partners to appraise and give constructive feedback to employees, while a buddy system operates in the firm to allow new hires to be paired up with seniors who can help them with difficulties. Partners serve as active role models by communicating their achievements in the industry, and job assignments are allocated based on existing employee experience and skills, which can provide relevant assignments and challenging work for better job satisfaction.
PKF works hard to build an attractive team culture at the firm, with team bonding activities at the heart of these efforts. 

For example, the fi rm undertook trips to Bintan and Kuching in 2012 and 2013, 
has an annual Dinner & Dance event, and hosts various company dinners, movie nights, and friendly sports matches with other CPA firms. It has a well-received family focus following the introduction of fl exi-hour programs that allow employees to come to work early and leave early, easing the burden on working mothers. Much of its success is put down to an open-door policy for partners, which has enhanced communication and helped to engage staff  with the firm’s team.


•     2016 Finalist for HRM SME Employer of the Year Award
•     A SPRING Singapore approved employer under the SPRING SME Talent Programme, recruiting graduates from local universities, namely NTU, SMU, NUS, UniSIM, and SIT
•     Currently a big supporter of the SkillsFuture (Earn and Learn) Programme for polytechnic graduates and ITE graduates.