The employees – or ‘ladies and gentlemen’ – of The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia in Singapore have as their allies an HR team with a talent management approach that 
‘ennobles’ them in their quest to provide care and comfort to guests. HR does this with initiatives designed to enhance a connection with this higher purpose, in ways that make employees feel like they are truly making a difference, and are valued and appreciated. This in turn enhances innovation and service excellence. Engaged employees are encouraged to be active participants and contributors to an evolution in service, rather than passive spectators, and employees are more likely to embrace an annual personal development plan that keeps them up to date and relevant with new skills as well as providing stimulation. The HR strategy includes acknowledgement and reward for employees for even the smallest contribution, to ensure they feel appreciated for their efforts.


1 Sharing the vision - The Ritz-Carlton wants all employees to share its vision. It helps them connect with this purpose through ‘Gold Standards’, and enlivens the mission with a ‘daily line-up’.

2 Giving appreciation  -‘Ladies and gentlemen’ are made out to be the most important resource available in the service commitment to guests, and are regularly praised by leaders.

3 Encouraging innovation - A platform referred to as ‘Lions Share’ acts as a repository of ideas for improvement and innovation from all Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world.    

4 Offering learning - The Ritz-Carlton stimulates employees through training that includes onboarding, mentoring, lateral service, cross-training, and online and in-person courses.

5 Celebrating success - Handwritten ‘First Class’ cards – or thank-you notes – are given to employees or groups of employees to celebrate contributions. They are often displayed by employees.