Ministry of Health news

  • Breaking: New HR initiatives unveiled by MOH by Miklos Bolza

    The Ministry of Health has announced several strategies to attract more staff into healthcare and create healthier work settings in other sectors

  • Staff disciplined after hepatitis C outbreak by Miklos Bolza

    An HR panel set up by the Ministry of Health and Singapore General Hospital has recommended punitive action against staff involved in last year’s hepatitis C outbreak

  • Where do Singapore graduates want to work? by Miklos Bolza

    Students from Singapore’s best universities have shed light on their preferred future employers. Which firms stood out and why?

  • Poor HR policies implicated in SGH Hep C outbreak by Miklos Bolza

    The results of a lengthy investigation have shown that the hepatitis C cluster at Singapore General Hospital was something HR could have prevented

  • Singapore companies brace for MERS by Hannah Norton

    Following the PM’s comments that it’s "just a matter of time" until MERS reaches Singapore, some local businesses are already bracing for its effects, with stocks already tipped to fall in the aviation and hospitality sectors.

  • What the deadly MERS virus means for HR by Hannah Norton

    Singapore HR directors should be prepared to take steps to help prevent the spread of the deadly MERS virus.

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