HR Market Report & Salary Guide 2016: Asia Pacific

Frazer Jones has provided market and salary data and analysis for the Australian market since 1998 and for the Asia markets since 2012. As the remit of many senior HR professionals often reaches beyond the traditional boundaries of Australia or Asia, this report provides a full overview of differing trends, demand and salaries across the APAC region. It is used by thousands of HR professionals to measure HR salary exceptions compared to industry peers and as a valuable resource for managers to determine salary levels.
  • Hiring sentiment in the HR market specifically remains high
  • 93% of HR professionals surveyed believe they will receive a bonus in 2016
  • HR has experienced a positive 12 months in Hong Kong, as companies recognise the scale of the challenge faced of attracting, training and motivating a talented workforce in a competitive environment
  • 37% of HR professionals received a bonus of 0-15% in 2015
  • Unemployment in Singapore remains low, at under 2% with job vacancies outnumbering jobseekers, making it still a very candidate driven market, particularly for Singaporeans.

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