Unify learning & performance for engagement & productivity

​​​​​​This whitepaper illustrates how organizations should act holistically along strategic thinking. Staying competitive in rapidly changing marketplace doesn’t just require a great product; it requires great people. After all, it’s human capital that enables a company to adjust quickly to new priorities, and turn on a dime when marketplace changes. As strategic partners invested in the company’s long-term success, HR is tasked with not only finding the right talent but proactively shaping that talent into the workforce the company needs. And because a company continually evolves, HR must also be able to quickly reshape the workforce to ensure continual alignment.

Research shows that companies that unify learning and performance are:

  • 36% more likely to have levels of engagement above industry norms

  • 56% more likely to have higher productivity levels than others in their industry

  • 96% more likely to have turnover that is below the industry average

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